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Obiad and Nina were excellent and super professional at selling our home. They were knowledgeable and kept us in the loop of every step of the way. We got our home sold super fast. I am extremely happy we used them. I would recommend them to everyone I know, and I would use them in future.

Cathy and Ryan Ishmael.



Have used Nina and Obaid's services in the past, and was more than pleased.  My first experience with them was a few years ago when my husband and I rented a gorgeous home in the country. They were able to sublet it for us when we needed to move.  They found renters in less than a week and they took care of everything quickly and efficiently.  Later they found us a great home in the same vicinity that had multiple offers on it. They were able to obtain the house for us at not a penny above asking, despite the competition.  Just a few years later, they sold an old victorian rental property we had for sale, to a young couple from out of town who absolutely loved it.  We had it listed with a local agent at the time who had trouble selling it, but when I asked Obaid and Nina to try and sell it, it was gone in less than sixty days.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants action and market value on their home.
Maria and Kurt Aird



Obaid Najm is an amazing realtor. He is very professional, experienced and has great knowledge of the real estate market. We were newlyweds at the time we hired Obaid to help us buy a house. Not only did he find and help us buy our dream home, with his knowledge of the business and his negotiation skills he also managed to get us out of a very rare and stressful deal.


Here’s our story, after searching a few neighborhoods we found a house we instantly fell in love with and put in an offer. After negotiation for just a few hours we were able to reach a very buyer friendly agreement with a clause for mortgage approval. When we bought our house, it was the first house sold on our street in quite some time, and because our house is situated in an area that is not a subdivision where all the houses on the street are different sizes both in lot and actual square footage of the house, it was hard for the bank and its appraiser to get an accurate and fair price/sqft, meaning there was about $200,000 gap between the price we agreed to buy the house to what the bank had appraised the house for.  When were informed of this, we were heart broken and upset as we couldn’t come up with the extra $200,000. We thought we lost out on the house and gave up hope.  But Obaid didn’t give up, he put his experience and negotiating skills to work and at the end not only did we manage to get us approved for the house, he was also able to knock off another $20,000 off the price of the house. When he called us to give us the good news, we couldn’t believe it. We were in shock. 


We were so happy just for the fact that we were able to buy our dream home for a very good price, but to save an extra $20,000 was the icing on the cake. Imagine a newlywed buying their first home together and have an extra $20,000 saved on the mortgage. I doubt any other realtor would go this far to help out a client. We are very thankful to Obaid.  


Zak and Melinda from Woodbridge Vaughan. 



Nina and Obaid were excellenct, we could not be more happy with their vast amount of knowledge, their wonderful personalities and their tough negotiationg skills. They worked wonderfully as a team to always make sure we were happy and understood everything every step of the way. There was always one of them available weather it was to take us last minute showing, or answer our calls. We came from a condo and wanted something that our family could grow into, We had no idea we could actually end up in our dream home so quickly. But Nina and Obaid did everything in their power to make it happen. We are so pleased with their services and expertise and we recommend them to all our friends and family.            Ana Cabral (Bolton, on)






We could not have been more happy with Nina and Obaid as our Realtors. We are first time buyers with very little knowledge of how the whole house buying process worked. Nina and Obaid explained everything very patiently every step of the way. We were very nervous about everything but they gave of confidence and made the process quite simple. We are so happy with our new home, and will of course be using Nina and Obaid when we upgrade to our second home down the road.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jackie and Angie from Brampton 

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